Cleaning and maintenance of quartz countertops


In the choice of countertop material, quartz countertops are still the mainstream choice, quartz countertops because of their own characteristics, not easy to bleed, scratch resistant, easy to clean, so it has been loved by consumers.

However, the kitchen belongs to a place that has been shrouded in oil smoke for a long time, and in the long run, the quartz countertop will appear a certain loss, leaving dirt and water stains, if it is not handled properly, then the service life of the quartz countertop will be greatly reduced, so the cleaning and maintenance of the quartz countertop is very necessary.

I'll share some of them with you quartz stone countertop cleaning tips and quartz stone countertop maintenance methods, let's take a look together.                           

Maintenance of quartz kitchen countertops

1, avoid high temperature

Although quartz stone is a very high-temperature resistant material, any material has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, and continuous high temperature will change the internal structure of the material, which will cause local expansion, resulting in cracking and deformation of the countertop! High temperature resistance, refers to the general high temperature will not burn the countertop, burn, deform and discolor! It is recommended that you can place a good thermal insulation performance on the countertop when using it, and the heat insulation mat protects the countertop!


2, avoid heavy objects pressing on the tabletop

Especially the weak parts on the countertop, such as the edge of the stove, near the basin, the corner splicing part, and the suspended part in the middle of the long-span cabinet, if you do not pay attention to these later, it is easy to cause the countertop to crack! Many times in the past, workers hang the smoker, or the ceiling will step on the countertop, especially the edge of the stove is often stepped on, this operation is not correct, please be sure to instruct the installation master not to step on!


3, avoid scratching the countertop with sharp objects

Quartz stone is a brittle and high-hardness composite material, if we often use steel wire balls to clean the countertop, the gloss of the countertop will be damaged, and there will be bleeding in the later stage! At the same time, it is also necessary to avoid damage to the countertop caused by glass, sandpaper, and broken porcelain!


4. Avoid long-term ultraviolet radiation

Long-term ultraviolet radiation will oxidize the surface gloss and produce chromatic aberration

Cleaning of quartz kitchen countertops

1. If there is some rust on the quartz countertop, you can use toothpaste.

Apply it to the rust, wait for a while, about 10 minutes later, and then wipe it with a damp cloth. When wiping, you need to be careful, gentle movements, you can remove the rust, and finally dry it with a rag. In addition, the rust on the countertop is also very good with white vinegar, and the final one should also be dried with a rag.


2. If there is some oil on the quartz stone countertop, we can use baking soda and then add white vinegar to wipe the countertop, and baking soda has a very strong decontamination ability, it can effectively dissolve the oil, and finally wipe it again with water.


3. If there are some stains on the surface of quartz stone, and the gloss is not particularly strong, we can buy professional wax for polishing, dip wax with a rag, rub back and forth, and also be able to remove the stains of quartz stone, and also add a protective film to quartz stone.


In short, the best way to keep kitchen countertops as good as new for a long time is to clean and maintain them regularly, so as to extend the life of quartz countertops and achieve durability

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